About Lambeth

Lambeth is a thriving central London borough that has a strong regional, national and even international profile. The borough’s patchwork of communities, town centres, neighbourhoods and open spaces all have their own story, and they all feed into why Lambeth is such a special place.

Lambeth Council’s 2,400 staff are based in the brand new Civic Centre and refurbished Town Hall in Brixton, right in the heart of the borough, world-renowned for its extraordinary character, rich diversity and heritage. Brixton is famed for its independent retail, hospitality, night time economy and rich cultural offer.

Lambeth has endured unprecedented spending cuts over recent years, affecting everything we do. But, despite this, we have worked hard to make dramatic improvements across the key services we provide for our residents, working with our communities to transform people’s lives.

Future Lambeth: The council’s borough plan

Lambeth Equality Commission

How Lambeth’s organised